Price list

Price list

The prices below distinguish peak and off season and are calculated per one night and one person.

The junior price remains unchanged whatever the season.

  Adult Junior (14 and less)

Peak season

  • from January 15th to May 31th
  • from July 15th to October 31th
400¥ 350¥

Off season

from November 1st ti January 14th

from June 1st to July 14th

350¥ 350¥

This price includes all services provided by Pays Miao, among which: accommodation, meals, internet access (if available), accompanying in villages, local transportations carried out under the frame of the program and an interpreter-guide. Unused benefits are not reimbursed.

This price does not include: drinks (beer, soft drinks), consumptions in external establishments,washing clothes, personal expenses and transportations from and to airports (please see below).

Should a tip be left? This is not mandatory. But if you are satisfied with the work ans the reception of the team, tips are welcomed. How much ? between 100RMB to 300RMB per person for all your stay.

Transportations from and to airports and railway stations

Rates below indicate the price of a one-way trip per person regardless of his/her age. Meals during the trip are included. For the return journey, proceed by addition. In general, arrival at Danian occurs in the late afternoon, the departure of Danian in early morning. The first night to Danian is billed as described above, regardless of the time of arrival in Danian.

To note, the high speed train is now available in our area. It is a very easy and quick way to take the train from Guilin/Guangzhou or other palce to Congjiang (at 1:30 approximately from Danian) or Sanjiang (at 2:00/2;30 from Danian). Prefer this economic and fast solution.

pick up from Price
Liuzhou 500 RMB
Guilin 550 RMB
Yangshuo 650 RMB
Fulu 50 RMB
Sanjiang 250 RMB
Congjiang 200 RMB
Other contact us

Example (for one adult): 

Guilin-Danian: 550 RMB

First night: 400 RMB
Following nights 400 RMB/night
Danian-Guilin 550 RMBTotal (2 trips and 5 nights):
550 + (5 x 400) + 550 = 3,100 RMB
For long-term stays or group prices, please consult us.


Pays Miao services are to be paid cash in Danian in yuan (RMB).

There is no bank in Danian: therefore, you might foresee enough cash to pay for your stay, transportation and additional expenses. Guilin Airport offers currency exchange services (EUR and USD) between 9:00 and 17:00. There is also a cash dispenser accepting foreign credit cards. For visitors arriving in Liuzhou, you have to bring with you the expected amount of your expenses in cash.

Please contact us for specific situations.

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