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On site


Our driver can pick you up and bring you back toLiuzhou,Guilin, orYangshuo.Considering the journey duration, he will fetch you at the agreed places in the morning and drive you back in the afternoon. If your schedule does not fit, thank you for planning a hotel night in your arrival or departure town.

If you are coming from Guizhou (from the North), we can also meet you at Fulu (more precisely in Pingxiao), please consult us.

The bravest in search of adventure can also take the bus.

The speedtrain is now available and the driver can pick you at Sanjiang or Congjiang.


This depends on the participants’ physical condition and interest (meeting sponsored children, discovering minorities, taking part in local celebrations). Some villages are 30 minutes away from Danian by foot; others are 3 or 4 hours away. Some can be reached by car or boat.

If the village is too remote, the participants spend the night at a local’s home.

The hikes to the villages are accessible to everyone in good shape, though they require efforts: walking on craggy paths and adapting to rustic comfort conditions of nights in the villages. However, “smoother” stays can be organized on demand for those who might not want to walk. The hikes alongside the rice paddies allow an insight into the work and life of Miao farmers. They’ll invite you to their homes as friends.


Although the cost of the stay includes all services (reception, accommodations, meals, transport and additional tourist support services), you might want to bring some cash to help a family in difficulty or buy some handicrafts. Of course, this is not compulsory, but it is better to plan for it in case of love at first sight!


In Danian, you can buy backpacks, exercise books, pens, and hairclips for the girls. You can also bring some balloons, as the kids love them.

Miao women appreciate sewing kits, embroidery thread, or possibly fabric to make clothes. Grandmothers always ask for magnifying glasses (+3 or +4) in order to continue embroidering despite their declining eyesight. Teachers welcome Chinese books to enrich the school library.

We prefer not to let visitors distribute themselves the presents and prefer to give them to local authorities (such as small medical dispensary) which can manage themselves the distribution, as they know more than us the needs or our team will give them to the NGO Couleurs de Chine which will hand them out in more distant places where less visitors go.

For your sponsored child, you can bring coton cloth, books in Chinese, school equipment, drawing paper, and coloured markers. You can also bring with you some pictures of your family. The villagers are always curious to know you and happy to hang your picture on the family picture board in their houses.

You can also ask to NGO Couleurs de Chine to prepare a parcel for your sponsored student. You will need to contact your delegation before departure. In Danian you can also buy clothes or bags.

Once again, everything is optional.


The villagers are very glad to welcome you into their homes and share their intimacy. Please respect their traditions and rules of propriety by asking permission before taking pictures and avoiding to get into rooms if not invited beforehand, etc.


Pays Miao services are to be paid in cash in Danian in yuan (RMB).

There is no bank in Danian: therefore, you might foresee enough cash to pay for your stay, transportation and additional expenses. Guilin Airport offers currency exchange services (EUR and USD) between 9:00 and 17:00. There is also a cash dispenser accepting foreign credit cards. For visitors arriving in Liuzhou, you have to bring with you the expected amount of your expenses in cash.

Please contact us for specific situations.

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