Before your departure

Before your departure


Once you have confirmed the dates and names of participants, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail. This document will be needed for your visa application.

Your reservation will be effective only upon receipt by Pays Miao of a scan of your passport, your visa and registration form duly completed and signed.


Pays Miao Agency -Mr Liang Xuexin 邮政编码 : 545316
Zip Code : 545316


Danian Township 滚明荣
Rongshui County, Guangxi Province 中国 CHINE
Tel : +86 189 772 662 52 电话 : +86 189 772 662 52 



Bring with you a photocopy of your passport and visa for your registration with the police.


Pays Miao Agency undertakes the responsibility of a smooth journey, but each participant must take into account that he/she comes at his/her own risk and must subscribe for the necessary insurance, including repatriation insurance.

Proof of your repatriation cover will be requested upon arrival and the sworn statement declaration stated on the registration form, has to be signed.


Pays Miao Agency organizes stays as a legal rural tourism agency registered with the Rongshui district (Guangxi)

Couleurs de Chine (Colours of China) is not involved in any way in the organization of these stays as this type of activity is not permitted by its by-laws.


WHO does not recommend any particular vaccination for the region. However, it is advised to protect yourself against mosquito bites. For more information on health conditions, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


220V, US and EU standard compatible.
There may be power cuts by stormy weather

Internet, Wi-Fi

Pays Miao offers Wi-Fi access and internet connection, depending on public network availability.

Equipment to take with you

  • Your usual medication (there’s no pharmacy in Danian)
  • Hiking shoes (you can buy cleats sneakers in Danian for 20 ¥)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Electric torch
  • Set of batteries
  • Sleeping sheet and/or bag in case of overnight village stay
  • Presents (please see below)

A little more…

Food? You can bring energizing bars to eat while waiting for the occasionally late meals inthe villages and food you cannot do without.

Do not hesitate to bring one or two packs of ground coffee and/or marmalade; it is always nice to have it for breakfast.

Books?The library is still in the making; do not hesitate to leave books or magazines thatyou no longer want.

Weather forecasts for your stay

You can visit website (ask for: “Danian, China”).

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