To the pace of seasons

To the pace of seasons…

Periods Activities
  • Lusheng festivals
  • Chinese New Year and other celebrations
  • Prepartion of the rice paddies and manure transport
End of March - beginning of April Sowing of ordinary rice
April San Yue San - lunar calendar third day third month celebration
End of April - beginning of May Sowing of glutinous rice
Mid-May Ploughing with cattle
End of May planting of ordinary and glutinous rice
Until mid-June Water rice paddies
From mid to end of June Green rice paddies
End of August Sailing with sampan and swimming in rivers
Beginning of September Start of the school year
Beginning to mid-September
  • Indigo fabric dyeing
  • Harvesting ordinary rice
End od September to October Harvesting glutinous rice
End of October
  • Upland rice harvest
  • Making "Double Nine" rice wine
  • Weaving in villages
  • "Baba" pancakes made with new rice
End of November - December
  • Preparations for the end-of-year celebrations

Note: Some of these activities depend on the lunar calendar and may vary from year to year

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