About Pays Miao

About Pays Miao

Françoise Grenot-Wang

Pays Miao agency was created and run by Françoise Grenot‑Wang.

From 1984 to 1994, she guided tourist groups in China. In 1991, she founded the non-profit organization Couleurs de Chine (Colours of China). In 1998, sponsoring the education of girls from ethnic minorities became its priority.

In December 2008, Françoise Grenot‑Want tragically died when her house burnt down. From then on, Pays Miao has been managed by the team that used to work with her. In 2013, Pays Miao was registered as a rural tourism agency in the Rongshui County (Guangxi)

Françoise Grenot‑Wang recounts her experience through two books (in French):

  • Au coeur de la Chine : une Française en Pays Miao (Ed. Albin Michel, 2007), an account of her early years in the region and the events that led her to settle there, despite obstacles. She also depicts the customs of the Miao to whom she dedicated her life.
  • Chine du Sud : la mosaïque des Minorités (Ed. Indes savantes, 2005). This encyclopaedia of thirty ethnic minorities in southern China is the result of extensive researches: translations of ethnology works and exploration of minorities’ areas.

She was also co‑author of the Guide Bleu du Sud-Ouest de la Chine (Ed. Hachette, 2000).

Finally, in 2008, Françoise Grenot‑Wang started a blog about the daily life of ethnic minorities in the region of Danian: the fifty texts from this blog, about work, family, friendship, beliefs, etc. were collected, edited and published by Hervé Deguine (Dans la Chine des Miao, Hervé Deguine, Bonaventure Editions). They are also available on the website www.couleursdechine.org

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